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6 Tips For A Safer Front Door

The front door is not only an expression of the character and style of the house, but also a safeguard for your valuables. Let's make sure they are as safe as possible.

6 Tips For A Safer Front Door | Pirnar

One of the most important aspects of any home is the front door. Doors play an important role in home security, as they are essentially the first stop for anyone looking to enter your home. For some, the door is an expression of the character and style of the house, while for others it is merely a safeguard for their valuables. Regardless of what the front door means to you, it is important to keep it healthy and solid, thus making your home more secure.

Why is the front door so important?

The front door is an invaluable part of any house as it represents the first barrier between you and the outside world. The front door leaves all unwanted people outside and is a complete symbol of privacy. If we lived in a perfect world, a simple image of the closed door would be understood by everyone as a desire for peace and privacy, while an open door would be an invitation to your home and your life.

One of the best ways to increase the security of your home is to ensure that your front door is stable and solid. You are probably asking yourself "how can we achieve this?". Below are some simple and effective methods you can use to strengthen your door.

Reinforce your lock

The door is only as strong as its locking mechanism. Doors to your home may be made of the strongest and finest materials, but that doesn't achieve anything if the door lock is outdated or rusty, easily jammed or broken, thereby reducing or even eliminating the security of your door. Many people do not place particular emphasis on the locks on their doors. This is dangerous because there are many methods that burglars can use to bypass the lock. There are several good ways to improve the locks on your door.

Start by upgrading your locks. Since this is something you use every day and which keeps your home safe, make sure you use the right and functional lock for your door. Have you chosen one that fits your door?

It may be time to replace your old lock with a multi-point security lock. The front door lock system is your complete security system to your home, so it is so important that you have the latest and greatest lock that will be most suitable for your front door. The wrong lock can cause damage and a breach of your entrance.

Want something more advanced or modern?

The standard keys and locks are a symbol of safety, but nowadays newer unlocking and locking systems are being installed. There are several options, such as unlocking with a card, code, or even unlocking with a fingerprint or by face recognition. Of course, there's also unlocking with a phone via Bluetooth for all mobile phone enthusiasts.

Hinges are an essential part of the front door

Most front doors have hinges on the inside as the doors open inwards. Most of these standard doors can withstand major attacks, as burglars and intruders cannot access the internal hinges. However, not all doors work the same way. For doors that open outwards, the hinges are usually located on the outside of the door and are easily accessible.

Door hinges can be secured with safety pins to strengthen and secure them. Of course, you can also install them on the inside to help strengthen your door. Keep in mind that upgrading the hinges is much harder to do than some of the other methods to improve the security of your front door. If you are not trained in this field, you may want to consult a specialist before doing so. Even if you are adept at home remodelling, consider consulting a specialist to help prevent any damage to your door.

Provide lighting

One of the best ways to increase the security of your front door is to get a good entrance light. Light means safety as it prevents the formation of shadows and dark spaces where burglars could be hidden. Sensor lights that light up every time they detect movement are the most practical to install. You can also opt for lighting stairs and railings, which will provide safe access to your house.

Of course there is also the option of lighting the front doors themselves. You can choose to illuminate thresholds, pulls, and spotlights on the door leaf.

Install the internal security system

Security devices that secure the door from the inside can be very effective. The easiest way is to place barricades under the door or to place a chair that extends from the knob handle to the floor. You can also install chain locks or additional door lock buttons.

The problem with these types of devices is that they are not always effective with for your primary entrance, as you will not be able to unlock them from the outside. They also cannot be set from the outside of your home when you leave. You can use your dog or an interior camera to always control your entrance.

Control your front door

A great way to improve the security of your front door is to keep it under control. There are two main ways to monitor your entrance. You can use a form of alarm / security system (either an uncontrolled or controlled security system) or invest in better surveillance cameras. A great way to improve the security of your front door is to keep it under control. There are two main ways to monitor your entrance. You can use a form of alarm / security system (either an uncontrolled or controlled security system) or invest in better surveillance cameras. Some of the newer cameras come with notification applications that can send alerts when motion-based recording is activated. There are also items such as smart doorbells that offer video recording along with other features. The most important aspect of monitoring is that in the event of a burglary, you can forward the video to the competent authorities.

Regular maintenance is also important

The last easy way to strengthen a door is regular service and maintenance. One of the most important aspects of door maintenance is checking the fittings, and regularly lubricating and servicing them. For anyone with a wood front door, it is important to check for signs of weathering, and it is also important to keep track of how your door stands the test of time. For aluminium doors, it is important to visually check for signs of wear that needs to be repaired. Ensuring that the door material is well maintained is an easy task that many overlook. Proper maintenance and servicing are critical to ensure that all door components work well.

Maybe it's time to decide on a new front door

Nothing is more secure than a new front door made of high quality materials. Not all doors are made the same. In fact, there are a big differences in making front doors and the materials used by manufacturers. Doors with better protection have a carbon core that adds more strength.

The Pirnar front door can be completely customised according to your wishes and needs, regardless of dimensions, colours, materials, security, technology, and other elements. The durable aluminium front door offers many benefits as it is able to endure various harmful factors. Wood front doors are made of high quality solid wood with the only limitation being your imagination.

You can see the front doors in different collections in our showrooms in Ljubljana and Maribor, where you can in person look at a wide variety of Pirnar entrance doors.

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