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Our way of thinking

Each of us is a master. Whether a contribution is small or great, each contribution counts towards the final masterpiece.

We are a family.

Anybody who joins the Pirnar family company becomes a family member. In our family we are used to working hard. We have set high goals, which can only be achieved by investing hands, head and heart in them. We wish to improve the world, step by step. Each day we wish to be at least a little better than the previous day. But we never forget that we are a family. We stick together, we create together, we win together.

We know no compromise.

Whatever we set ourselves to do at Pirnar, we do it flawlessly. We pay a great deal of attention to detail: no detail is insignificant in the path to a perfect final product. If required, we choose the more difficult path, but we always reach our goal.

We are bold.

We always seek new paths. Whatever we do not yet have, we invent. We thread the untrodden path of innovation willingly and with delight, thus always stepping ahead of competition.

We believe that nothing is impossible.

The solution was always discovered by someone who refused to believe in “impossible.” Someone who would not succumb to limitations. Someone who ignored the opinion that something “could not be done”. A rebel who hated rules. Someone who pushed where others refused to go – or did not feel like going. Someone who knew something that many do not: If you believe that something is impossible, you are right. If you believe that something is possible, you are also right. And only the latter find the solution.

Work is done when it cannot be further improved.

If you want to reach excellence you have to strive for perfection. There is no major or minor task; they are all equal and important in the path to the perfect final product. Only by insisting on the path towards perfection can we be better that we were yesterday, and tomorrow we can even be a tiny bit better. A product is finished when it cannot be made to be better. When we can take a step back and admire it.

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