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Best ways to decorate your entrance doors

Entrance doors are the first thing that visitors and passers-by notice when coming to a house and on the basis of which they make their first impression of the home and people residing in it. Therefore it’s extremely important that your entrance doors are a good representation of you: friendly and welcoming.

Best ways to decorate your entrance doors | PIRNAR

Entrance doors are the first thing that visitors and passers-by notice when coming to a house and on the basis of which they make their first impression of the home and people residing in it. Therefore it’s extremely important that your entrance doors are a good representation of you: friendly and welcoming, breathtaking, extravagant and one of a kind, but also strong and undoubtedly impenetrable. The last can be achieved by choosing high-quality entrance doors with anti-burglary systems and state-of-the-art locking systems that offer the highest level of security, while you can achieve the former with small decorative details that conjure elegance, boldness, homeliness and give your door your own personal mark.

The immense possibilities of decorating entrance doors

Choice of material

There are many options for decorating the entrance door and partly the desired aesthetic effect can be simply achieved with the right choice of material and door design itself. If you choose wooden entrance doors, you can customize them with traditional carvings that perfectly round the look of traditional homes. A similar classic effect can also be achieved with an aluminuim door in an antique look.

Glass as an indispensable detail

Both wood and aluminium can be combined with glass in order to achieve either a classic or more modern look of the door. The glass can be incorporated in entrance doors as a detail in the door itself or used for illumination above and beside the door. This creates a nice illuminated effect and brings some warmth to the inside of the home.

Combining materials to create a modern masterpiece

To achieve an elegant modern look, combining both wood and aluminium can be the perfect choice. Wood expresses warmth and love of nature, while aluminium provides excellent strength, durability and thermal insulation. Even in this case, glass can be included as a nice complementary detail that perfectly rounds up the look – the different possibilities of combining all three materials are basically endless. You can opt for wooden doors with fine details in aluminium, or an aluminium entrance door with elements of wood, which perfectly contrasts the raw elegant sturdiness of aluminium with its soft, warm natural feel. Various Inox accessories can be used both with wood and aluminium, such as handles, frames, inserts, decorative panels, etc.

Playing with materials: endless possibilities of surface treatments

Both wood and aluminium offer a number of surface treatment options that produce completely different effects. Will you go with the natural color of the wood, or will you decide to paint it? Do you know how to take advantage of contrasting colors to get an impression of your door being much larger in size than it actually is? Will you opt for a matt or high gloss surface treatment? Perhaps a combination of both in different parts of the door? What kind of structure will you choose: smooth or structured, maybe a little of both? What color of aluminium will you choose? Will the glass be dark, light, sanded or otherwise processed? The possibilities are truly infinite and a lot to think about!

A ray of light in the shadows

LED illumination can be a charming detail, but also an indispensably functional tool for the modern home. You can include a dash of mysterious lighting of the door handle or a rich lighting decoration along the side of the door, a gently illuminated doorstep or smart lighting that automatically magically illuminates the whole entrance as you approach it. LED lighting can truly give a fairytale touch to your entrance, while ensuring that your arrivals and departures are safe, comfortable and carefree.

Small and stunning details make the story

Never underestimate the power of details. If your door is telling a story, the details are exactly what makes it unique and unforgettable. A door without special, customized details is like a fairytale without the happy ending – interesting and enticing, but not quite right. Even the most carefully chosen, superbly designed and masterfully crafted door needs something that will give it personality and a dash of your personal touch. A perfect detail, designed and personalized especially to your liking, like a cherry on top of your favorite cake.

Automated pull-out and pull-in handle
A hidden handle, completely invisible from afar and fully automated to discretely reveal itself when needed, can be that exceptional element of surprise that you are looking for your new entrance. This high tech solution is simply activated by your fingerprint: when you touch the hidden sensor, the handle will pull out automatically and then automatically pull in when you’ve entered your home. Not only is this type of handle and locking system one of the most advanced on the market, it is also one of the safest, since it’s practically impossible to manipulate such an entrance.

Handles with illuminated metal and glowing crystal glass
MagmaLux metal handles with illuminated designs create a touch of contemporary elegance, while CristalLux handles use illuminated crystal glass to create an exceptional timeless elegance. Crystal glass, elegantly illuminated at nighttime, is a prestigious detail which emphasizes your flawless taste and love for extravagant details. Both MagmaLux and CristalLux were awarded the prestigious German Design Award Special Mention 2019, which is a testament to their astounding uniqueness and perfected design.

Your own personalized handle
Your door handle can be elegantly personalized with your surname or an inscription of your liking, which will be gently illuminated to emphasize how exceptional you are – no one in the world is like you. And your home and entrance are just as unique. Your home is incredible – filled with your inexhaustible energy, passion for life, determination and excellence, which summarizes everything that you are and that you have achieved.

Take a walk among the many options of the most advanced decorative solutions for entrance doors at one of Pirnar’s Showrooms. Our experienced professionals will gladly advise you and help you choose the perfect detail that will become the pride of your entrance.

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