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How to find a suitable architect for your house or apartment?

Whether you decide to build a new house or just to freshen up an apartment, an architect can help you make your home a meaningful whole.

How to find a suitable architect for your house or apartment? | Pirnar

Whether you decide to build a new home or simply want to freshen up an existing house or apartment, this will be a journey where your wishes will become a reality. Throughout the process, your best friend will be an architect who will help you through the entire process and see that you achieve your goals without any problems. Your joint trip will include discussions about your personal habits and aesthetic desires, so it is very important that you choose an architect you can trust. Finding a suitable architect can involve a lot of effort, but you can simplify the process. Cost and, of course, character appeal, will be important guidelines in the search. Architecture is heavily involved in the personal and emotional bond you have with your home, so an architect needs to understand you and connect with you. The purpose is to enjoy the whole process and that in the end you are satisfied with the whole experience and the final product.

How to find the right architect?

You need to take quite some time to find the right architect. Often, people search for architects through friends and acquaintances and online, you can also use various portals where you post a request and the architects will contact you themselves. Whenever reviewing offers, make sure the architect has a valid license, review his references, such as past projects and customer opinions, and the architect’s location, as it makes no sense to pay high costs of mileage. When making a shortlist, it is important to meet with the architects, as this is the only way to get a sense of who they are and how they communicate. The success of the project and your satisfaction largely depends on the communication between you and the chosen architect. It is important that the architect takes their time with you, gives you suggestions or advice, and listens to your wishes so that in the end you will be satisfied with the whole project. Clearly express your wishes before drawing the conceptual design - IDZ, because later on in the phase of drawing the project for obtaining the building permit - PGD, changes are much more difficult, they take a lot of time and can increase the final price of the entire project.

Why is an architect absolutely necessary when you build a house?

You may have already imagined the layout of your new bedroom, where the children’s rooms will be, where the bathroom will be, and where the kitchen will be, but things are not that simple. An architect will help you with the stages that are absolutely necessary to design a functional house or apartment.

The preparation of documentation is a slow and time-consuming process in which the architect or the architectural bureau will draw up a detailed project plan, based on the geodetic plan, with which you will later need to apply for a building permit. Among the tasks of the architect is also the preparation of a financial plan that will allow you to avoid unnecessary costs. In the architectural bureau you will first present all the papers and information you have about the building and then the architect will present several possible solutions, from which you will choose the one most suitable for you. Of course, you can change this several times in the IDZ phase and completely adapt it to your wishes and requirements. If any of your wishes simply cannot be carried out, the architect will tell you about it. He will cross out unrealisable ideas, remove unnecessary spaces and connect everything in a functional way. The main task of the architectural bureau is to connect all the information into a meaningful whole, paying attention to the budget and creating a final product that will transform from the original basic idea, into a finished house or renovated apartment. This will be followed by the construction planning phase or changes to the house or apartment in which the architect will arrange his contractors in a timely and meaningful manner.

Good design and direct contact throughout the process

Each new client represents an opportunity for the architect to show unique results, a unique look and fresh solutions with his work, considering both the vision and lifestyle of each individual client. Once you create your wish list and expectations list, make sure that your chosen architect stays in touch with you throughout the process, as it is very important that your needs are understood, and the consistency of the communications are ensured. A good architect will keep you informed of the progress of the project until the final construction.

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