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The big trend: contemporary doors

Your contemporary door can be designed precisely to your liking.

Everything you need to know about contemporary front doors | PIRNAR

Any contemporary home needs a beautiful centerpiece: a modern entrance, complete with LED lighting and state of the art locking systems. A home’s entrance is a statement about the people living in it, so make sure that your luxury exterior door makes one that you will be proud of for years to come.

Your imagination is the only limitation

When you think of contemporary entrances, you might recall a certain image of how such doors usually look like. Although contemporary doors are roughly defined by smooth surfaces and elegant lines, in reality there aren’t any limitations when it comes to dimension and use of material.

Your contemporary door can be designed precisely to your liking. It can be made of wood (yes, wood can be a very contemporary material, if treated and designed with that in mind), aluminium, glass or a combination of all or any of these materials. Combining different materials and structures can help you achieve quite a modern and sophisticated look.

Your door can include windows for an additional element of luxury that brightens up your lobby, or it can be made of one large solid surface that leaves a majestic impression on anyone who enters through them. A fairly popular trend in modern housing is a combination of wood and aluminium. Wood brings a feeling of warmth and nature into a home, while aluminium, with its uncompromising firmness, serves as an elegant and modern touch. Or you can enrich your solid aluminium door with glass for a clean and sophisticated look. Choose any type of surface treatment to achieve the effect you desire. This is your chance to make a lasting impression on your guests.

A modern door, enriched by innovative technology

A contemporary door is both inspired and inspirational. Inspired by uncompromising craftsmanship, luxurious materials and innovation. Inspirational for anyone who appreciates sophisticated design and modern, innovative technologies. The future is now. Your new contemporary door can feature technologies that might have seemed unattainable just a few years ago. Your entrance can be tailored precisely to your needs and habits in order to make your everyday life as simple as possible.

Magical illumination

Built-in LED lighting can illuminate your entrance and give it a magnificent and magical appearance. It also makes entering and exiting your home at night feel much more comfortable and safer. You can also opt for illumination of the aluminium handle, which adds a certain modern feel to the door.

Simplicity and comfort of entering

The newest technologies enable us to make entering your home as effortless and comfortable as possible. The keyless locking systems, operated by your fingerprint, will make you forget about the times when you used to frantically search for your keys and worry if you ever lost them.

Enter your home by the touch of a finger. Our state of the art fingerprint reader will recognize you, the automated hidden handle will appear and you will be able to enter your home in seconds. This astonishing technology makes it impossible for anyone except you to enter your home uninvited. Maximum security and maximum comfort at the touch of your hand.

Increase the value of your home

A contemporary door shows that you appreciate flawless construction, valuable materials, workmanship precision and the experience of old artisan masters. Every detail of your new modern door speaks to your love of perfection and testifies to the fact that you accept nothing less.

You know that a luxury handmade door is an investment for decades. Not only does such an investment simplify your everyday life, it also adds tremendous value to your home. The relatively small investment into a luxury entry door will have a gigantic impact on any buyer's perception of the value of your home.

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