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The top 5 qualities of aluminium entry doors

Aluminium entrance doors offer a series of advantages as they are made from high quality profiles that provide excellent insulation and structural properties and a plethora of design options.

The top 5 qualities of aluminium entry doors | Pirnar

Are you thinking about buying a new entrance door, but aren’t sure what to look for? Why not try an aluminium entrance door that offers a series of advantages and excellent characteristics. We’ve highlighted the best five qualities that prove that Pirnar aluminium doors are the perfect choice. Forget about tedious maintenance and dull design. You’ll fall in love with the simplicity and technological superiority that a Pirnar door offers.

Quality profiles

At the core of every Pirnar door are high quality profiles produced by our partner, Germany-based Schüco. Aluminium profiles are robust and sturdy. Even though aluminium is flexible and a good conductor of heat and sound, through processing and with insulation materials, it’s transformed into stable, anti-burglary and functional profiles that provide insulation from heat and noise and will not deform. Doors made from Schüco profiles are available in a wide array of dimensions, colours and textures.

On the other hand, steel is a symbol of toughness and security. This also applies to the profiles that we use. Thanks to their strength and rigidity, steel profiles are extremely thin, making possible the production of never before seen door designs. Steel profiles can withstand enormous loads, which is why they’re perfect for multi-leaf doors, doors with sidelights and transom windows as well as large doors.

Infinite design options

When it comes to Pirnar aluminium doors, the only limit is your imagination. We make your wildest dreams come true. Modern architecture is developing towards entrance doors of large dimensions, where structural stability is particularly important. Aluminium entrance doors featuring innovative technical solutions ensure the best possible characteristics even at above-standard heights from 2,300mm up to 2,700mm and larger widths of up to 1,260mm.

The same applies to the design. Our offer features collections with classic, minimalist and bold characteristics aptly named Classico, Pure, Multilevel and Premium. Aluminium doors come in a plethora of shades and a combination of glass and wood as well as a variety of lighting elements.


Entrance doors are the portal to your private life. Alongside visual attractiveness and comfort of use, we expect an entrance door to offer protection from noise from the street, the impacts of weather and unwanted views. But most of all, we want it to protect our families and our belongings. An entrance door should protect from fire and rain while keeping out burglars, who continuously look for new ways to invade our homes.

Aluminium doors combined with wood or even carbon elements are characterized by excellent rigidity and are reliably tough. Without a doubt, the rigidity and toughness of an entrance door also comes down to the elements and profiles used in its construction. Five-chamber aluminium and steel profiles as well as additional centre profiles by select manufacturers are at the core of Pirnar doors, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing, secure and sturdy door.


It should be pointed out that the top quality profiles that we use provide for improved security and offer the highest level of thermal and acoustic insulation. These profiles in combination with high quality insulation materials make up the best entrance doors available in the market. We offer meticulous workmanship and installation of our doors to guarantee the best acoustic and thermal insulation possible. Behind Pirnar doors, you’ll learn the true meaning of peace and quiet. They will completely mute out the hustle and bustle of the street. And in winter, they’ll provide the best protection from cold wind and freezing temperatures, improving the quality of living. Not to mention our doors will help you lower your heating bill!

Modern technology

For millennia, the classic key and lock have been the symbols of security. However, innovative technologies are making their way into our lives and lead to an evolution in entrance doors. Electronic locking solutions supplant mechanical locks and offer a series of advantages. Aluminium doors are easily fitted with electronic locks, have an extremely long service life while using them is so simple that you’ll never again miss the classic key. Instead, you can unlock your door with a card, access code, fingerprint or even facial recognition systems.

A huge step has also been made in the development of doorknobs and pull handles. Today, they’re elegantly recessed into the door and only extend when you or your family approach the door. The door will automatically close, open and lock, so slamming doors have become a thing of the past. At the same time, the gentler use of your door will result in a long service life.

Exquisite pull handles are available both in minimalistic as well as luxurious crystal glass designs that light up once the door is opened. And the lighting options are almost endless. If you’re dreaming it, we can make it a reality. Give us a try. Visit us at your nearest Pirnar showroom and browse our excellent selection of entry doors. We’re convinced you’ll find the perfect one for you.

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