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Building a House - Is It Better to Buy or Build Your Dream Home?

Most buyers spend a lot of time and energy either for searching or designing their perfect home. We asked ourselves one of the most common questions - is it better to build a house or buy it? We present the pros and cons of both.

Building a House - Is It Better to Buy or Build Your Dream Home? | Pirnar

Every home buyer is confronted with the question: Is it better to build a house or buy it? Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

Most buyers spend a lot of time and energy either for searching or designing their perfect home.

What are the advantages and disadvantages? For example, building a house will give you the floor plan you always wanted, but it will take quite some time before you can enjoy your new home. If you buy an existing house, you may be forced to make some compromises, but you will be able to move in immediately!

Location, price, real estate status, taxes and market trends all have a big impact on finding the perfect home. Each customer usually has a list that includes specific needs and preferences.

Before you decide about your the next step, take the time to review some of the pros and cons of buying or building a house.

Buying an existing house

Buying a house is usually less stressful than building it. When you build a house, you must first think of the lot, decide on the design and layout, choose the flooring, arrange the fixtures, draw the cabinets, choose the color scheme and so on. You will need to plan all this with your budget in mind. It takes a lot of time and effort to manage all these details.

In many cases, it is cheaper to buy an existing home because given the changing conditions on the real estate market, prices may still be favorable.

On the other hand, the biggest drawback to buying an existing house is that you will never get exactly what you wanted. You may not like the floor plan, you may want a bathroom on each floor or more space in the basement or the attic. Older homes in particular can be dysfunctional and outdated. For example, a large four-bedroom house may have only one bathroom or a kitchen that is too small. The load-bearing walls may not allow the extensions or the open floor plan you have always wanted.

A qualified real estate agent can simplify the process and help you find a suitable real estate that meets your wishes and requirements at least to a large degree. The agent will negotiate for you and assist you with the paperwork. Once your offer is accepted and you can conclude the contract, you will have to deal with land registration and then, within a month or two, depending on the circumstances, you will be able to move in and enjoy your new home.

It is important that you choose the right real estate agent to assist you with your purchase, inform you in detail and help you make the right decisions about buying an existing home.

What about building a new house?

Building a new house does not offer the same benefits as buying an existing house, not only do you need to find land that may not be in your chosen neighborhood, you need to take the time to find an architect or a planner and select the elements of a new building. The great advantage of this is that you can design the layout and appearance of the house yourself and get exactly what you want.

Another advantage of a new construction is that a new house can be built with special materials that are more environmentally friendly. Although construction costs may be higher in this case, it is easier to recover the investment. In addition, a newly-built home will need less repair and less maintenance which can save you time and money.

What are the main stages of construction?

1. The concept of the project

This is the beginning of your dreams, but also of different researches to determine the right location, building specifications, standards to follow. The design time varies depending on the complexity and size of the construction. Construction workers usually don't have much to say at this stage as they have to follow the client's wishes and the architect's instructions.

2. Design

There are different steps in the design phase. Feasibility and spatial plan must be taken into account during the design stage of the facility, and all project objectives must be determined. Following is a schematic design - a sketch that will show the space and the materials, colors and even textures. This is followed by contractual documentation, which means that we are getting closer to the completion of the theoretical part of the job.

3. The pre-construction phase

The next phase of the construction project can begin when the architect selects a contractor who then selects a project team. The project team is normally tasked with the preparation of the construction site before the works begin. The next step is to submit the documents to the city authorities who must review all the plans and approve the construction. Once the plan is approved, the phase of purchasing the material begins. The project team orders and acquires materials, equipment and manpower. This phase can be more or less complex in terms of the size and complexity of the facility, the resources available and the agreed start date.

4. The construction phase

This is the phase you have been waiting for and where all the planning will finally pay off. Construction can begin. The goal at this point is to plan everything carefully so that everything will go smoothly and without standstills. Of course we need to be prepared for the potential problems that may arise during the construction, and there will be many of them.

5. The after-construction phase

All work is completed, the completion of the project is coming to an end. First, the entire building must be inspected. As soon as everything is checked and the papers are in compliance with the law, the owner can take over their dream home.

What about choosing the entry door?

The decision to buy new entry doors, whether for an existing house or a new building, that will give you full protection from the outside influences and uninvited guests, is important, so take it seriously.

Our guidebook can help you with the purchase of the perfect entry doors, but you can also visit the nearest Pirnar showroom and see the world's most award-winning doors by yourself.

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